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These are masterpieces of the Galaxy Glaze claiming awards and prizes in various international art competitions around the world.

ギャラリー: テキスト


Numbers of the stars on the Odyssey represent the wishes of love and liberty.

2003 “The Glory of Neo Renaissance Art in Firenze” and “Premio Costanza deʼ Medici per la Art”

ギャラリー: ようこそ!

Memory of the east

Inspired by the values in tolerance that once the east had and wishing for its revival. 

Exhibited at the Revolution in Art exhibition at the Louvre Museum (France) Awarded “Prix de La Porte des Lions” and special prize “Prix Tricolore de la Paix de lʼArt”.France, Paris, Beauty Revolution Exhibition in Louvre Grand Prix "Pri de Lion"

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銀河釉 東洋的 「無」     (大)sub.jpg

"nothingness" of the east

Once we overcome our greed, peace and tolerance is reached. Inspired by the core belief in the east.


Invited to exhibit at the Moscow International Art Exposition Awarded “The Russian Academy of Arts Secretary of the Organizing Committee Award”

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Memories of Chang'an

Chang’an was once a place that embraced diversity, it existed beyond differences in races, religions, laguaguages. It was the place where the culture and values of the Roman Empire in the west met with those of the east during the Han and Tang dynasty.
While it did not last, Chang’an inspired me and I created this to represent my wish for the feasibility of coexistence by embracing diversity. 


Awarded the Principality of Monaco Honorary prize by the AAD-council-Monaco


Received Art Cup of Princesses under the patronage of H.R.H Princess Somsawali of Thailand

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