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Tea utensils

The universe in the bowl that spreads in the palm of your hand.

A full-fledged tea utensil made under the guidance of an Enshu-ryu family.

The tea bowl is the starting point and the destination for the potter. There is a history that has been built there, and the teacup of the galaxy glaze is also a bowl that tries to draw the continuation of that history.

銀河釉 食器


From cups and plates to Japanese tableware

​Dishware of various shapes

Here it is.

銀河釉 花瓶


These vases are part of a collection of works that have won numerous awards overseas.

銀河釉 茶道具

​Tea utensils

Under the guidance of Sojitsu Kobori, the master of the Enshu school

Authentic tea utensils.

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