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About our product

All items of the Galaxy Glaze are handmade. 

Therefore, because of the unique nature of these works, the items on our website will only ever be listed as 1 in stock.

Additionally, the dimensions of any given listing may differ to the actual product, though we guarantee the measurements will be nearly identical.

We frequently add more products to the website. However, if you wish to purchase several items of the same series at once, feel free to contact us.


Coffee Cup & Saucer

Our original coffee cup. The shape is designed by a coffee lover, the creator of the Galaxy Glaze.

¥ 19,800-



We offer a variety of tablewares. You can find our original cups, plates, vases and tea ceremony utensils here.



Our vases are the pinnacle of what best represents the Galaxy Glaze, and its ideals are shown best through these internationally acclaimed works of pottery.

写真 2021-04-28 22 52 33.jpg

Tea Ceremony utensils

Our tea utensils embrace both beauty and practicality. They are not only authentic, but also recognised by Kobori Soujitsu (小堀宗実), the grand tea master (家元/Iemoto) of the Enshu School of Tea (遠州流/the Enshu-ryu).

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Your order will be dispatched within 7 days.

When the order is dispatched, we will send you an email with the tracking number.

Please note that there is a possible delay in the delivery time due to the situation with covid-19.




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